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2 Ways To Make Your Face Look Wider With A Good Haircut

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People with really small faces have to be careful about the haircuts that they choose to try because some styles can make their faces look even smaller and narrower. If you have a small face, then here are two ways to make your face look wider with a good haircut.

The Right Bangs

First off, the right bangs can make all of the difference. If you choose to do bangs, make sure that they are not just centered over your eyebrows and the center of your forehead. Instead, they should go all the way to the sides of your temples and should be a little longer on the sides so that they blend in with your hair.

Another great bang style that will really make your face seem more open and wider is the swoop bang. This type of bang works well with A-line haircuts, long layers, and wavy hairstyles. Swoop bangs will draw attention to the side of your face and will give the illusion that you have a slightly wider forehead than you actually have. 

Avoid bangs that go down over your eyes really far and that are too thin; either of these styles can make your face seem even smaller and narrower.

The Right Layers

Next, you need to find a cut that has the right layers around the face. A cut that comes up to your chin can be flattering if you have a small face, but you have to be careful that there are not too many layers around your face that go up past your chin because this can make your face look shorter.

If you choose to go with a bob or short cut, make sure that the layers blend. Around your face, you should not notice the layers as much as you should throughout the rest of your hair. Also, you can select longer hair styles with layers where the layers are no higher than the chin, and the rest of the layers cascade down. 

Either of these styles will work well for a small face, so just make sure that you are specific when you get your hair cut about hair the layers need to look. This will make all of the difference in how open or closed off your face seems.

By following these two rules, you can select a style that will open up your face and help it to seem just a little bigger than it really is. Whether you are getting your hair cut or going to hair school, you can always benefit from knowing how haircuts affects the shape of the face.