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Fashionably Bare: Waxing Trends For 2016

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When you think about what is in style, you may not think about what is fashionable for your mons pubis. But just like clothing, pubic styles are ever changing, cyclical, and go through their own trend cycles. You can look at decades old nude magazines to see that the shape of pubic hair has gone from one extreme to another. If you are wondering what sort of styles other ladies will be requesting in 2016, look no further than this article.

Full Bush Brazilian 

The classic Brazilian takes off all of the hair on the sides, top, and in the back area, leaving a small amount of hair in the front. This style or going completely bare, has been the dominant look for the past decade. Part of this was due to the clothing trends of low-rise jeans and teeny bikinis. But now that high waisted bathing suits and granny panties are coming back, some ladies don't feel the need to go so bare down there.

The full bush Brazilian is likely to be the new and dominant trend for 2016. This style neatens up the bikini line, sides and the back, but leaves a full bush in the front. It looks low maintenance and natural, while keeping all of the hair inside the bathing suit line and groomed. This trend of the Seventies was all over the runway for 2015 and this trend will continue into 2016. This look carried over into waxing trends, with more women requesting more of their hair left behind.

Pastel Hair "Down There"

Thank Miley Cyrus for this trend. She appeared in several photo shoots nude, which revealed that the singer is now sporting a bubble gum pink triangle below the belt. Pastel hair was a huge trend for 2015. This look has migrated to hair on other parts of the body as well. The trend features a Brazilian wax, with the remaining hair made into a fun shape and pastel color.


After years of waxing and shaving, your pubic mound could probably stand some tender lover care. The final trend for 2016, that will be appearing in many spas, is a very special "facial" that is offered for your bikini area. This facial will help to eliminate dead skin and ingrown hairs. Steaming and exfoliating the bikini area will help to keep the skin healthy and ready for more waxing in the future.

Some of these trends are wilder than others, but this is what ladies across Canada will be requesting once they are on the spa table. Contact a local spa. like Audra's Image & Wellness Day Spa Brazilian waxing, for more information.