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What Are Causes And Treatments For Acne In Adult Females?

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Are you a female with adult acne? If so, you may be worried about your skin and wondering why you have acne at this stage in your life. Despite popular beliefs that acne is a teenage problem, a number of women experience acne in their adult years. The causes of adult acne can vary. The following are a few reasons it occurs and what you could do to improve your skin.


A history of acne in younger years is sometimes related to adult acne. Perhaps there is a family history of acne that could also be related to your current outbreaks. There are some individuals who do not have acne as teens, but they may get it when they get closer to their menopause years. Aim to practice good skin care regimens such as cleaning your face, not sleeping in make-up, and not touching your face without washing your hands. 


Eating the wrong foods can create inflammation in the body. Examples of foods that could be contributing to your acne problems are processed foods and sugar, simple carbs, and "bad fats." Aim to clean up your eating. Focus on including more fruits, vegetables, fish, and water in your diet. Water aids in flushing out toxins. Fish sources such as salmon contain omega-3, which is considered a "good fat." Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are important for healthy skin.


Perhaps you had acne as a teen. It likely started around the age of puberty, which is a time when hormonal changes occur. If you are having hormonal changes at this point in your life too, then acne may be your body's natural response to hormonal changes. It may be too long ago for you to remember, but it is possible that the medication used to improve your acne when you were a teen could help now. Your doctor might be able to prescribe medications such as birth control to balance your hormones and improve your acne. 


You may be shocked that stress can cause acne. However, look at the demands of your average day. If you can identify that you have a stressful life, take some actions to destress. Exercise helps some people cope with stress. It can also keep you physically healthy.

A dermatologist is a good resource to use to learn more about adult acne. These professionals can help you to determine the underlying causes of your acne. They may also be able to prescribe skin care products to improve or eliminate your acne.