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3 Tips To Make Your Bed Look Like A Showstopper

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To create a bed that looks like it came out of the pages of a decorating magazine, you need to know how to properly set-up your bed. Incorporate these three tips into how you have your bed and bedroom set-up to give it a magazine perfected look:

#1 Make Sure You Have All The Main Components

If you want your bed to look like a show-stopper, you need to make sure that your bed has the main important components. For your bed to look great, you need to have a comforter, coverlet, bed skirt, and pillows.

A bed skirt goes around your box spring and covers it up without a bed skirt, your box spring will be showing, which will not create the show-stopper look that you are going for.

A comforter is the large blanket that is designed to cover up your bed and keep you warm. It is designed to hang down to at least the edge of your bed skirt, and sometimes cover-up or overlap your bed skirt.

A coverlet can be used instead of a bedspread or in addition to a bedspread. A coverlet is designed to stop right above your bed skirt. When combined with a bedspread, it is often folded up near the bottom of your bed to provide it with a more professional look.

#2 Vary The Colors, Size, & Texture Of Your Pillows

Your decorative pillows on your bed should not be all the same size, color, and texture. To make your bed pop, you want to vary the sizes of your pillows. You want a couple nice, large pillows that can go across the top of your bed. These pillows should provide height and flair to bed. Next, you want a few regular sleeping pillows in nice pillow cases.

Having your big tall pillows and your sleeping pillows be the same solid color or have the same design can give your bed a more polished look. For example, your big fluffy pillows could all be green and your sleeping pillows could have nice brown pillow cases on them.

Finally, you want a variety of smaller throw pillows. These are usually where you get more creative with the colors, shapes, and textures of your pillows. These pillows are where you can use more crazy and funky designs. Since the pillows are smaller, the funky and fun designs and colors will add a little flair to your bed without overwhelming it.

#3 Add A Headboard

To really bring your space together, you need to add a headboard to your space. Headboards play an important role in making a bedroom look like it was designed by a professional. Your headboard doesn't have to be a big, wooden traditional headboard to bring your room together.

Upholstered headboards are really popular right now and allow you to really customize the look of your bed. Upholstered headboards can be freestanding or attached to your bed frame. They can use a variety of fabrics on them to create a custom look.

You can also use more untraditional items, such as bookcases, an area rug, fabric made headboard, three dimensional box headboard or even a piece of artwork.

Make your bedroom feel like you are sleeping inside of a room in a decorating magazine by adding a headboard to your bed, laying and using lots of pillows and making sure that your bed contains all necessary components. 

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