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Four Ways To Prepare For A Professional Portrait

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Your professional portrait speaks volumes about who you are as a businessperson. You definitely don't want to wear a top that's too low cut, jewelry that's too flashy, or a hairstyle that works fabulously for a night out at a fun club. For a professional portrait, you want to strive for a business formal look that portrays you as a competent, trustworthy person who can get the job done. Keep in mind that a business portrait is an investment that is used on business cards and company websites, so make sure that you're properly prepared on the day you have the portrait taken. Following are four suggestions for putting your best self in front of the camera:

Wear Pearls

Pearls offer the kind of soft luster than transfers well to professional portrait photography. A good pair of pearl studs and a single-strand pearl necklace has a timeless appeal that works for all ages. If you don't already have these items in your jewelry wardrobe, now is a good time to include them -- they'll come in handy for those time when the occasion requires a seamless business formal look. 

Get Botox

The camera has a way of bringing out every single tiny line and wrinkle, so consider having botox treatments prior to your photo shoot. Botox treatments are minimally invasive and are performed on an outpatient basis. As an added benefit, Botox can minimize facial sweating, which will come in handy because professional photography shoots involve sitting under hot lights, and one of the last things you want your photo to display is a shiny face. Keep in mind that today's high definition photography shows every last detail down to the smallest flaw. 

Get Professional Help 

Unless you're an expert with makeup and hair, this may be a good time to seek out the services of a professional. You'll not only look your very best for the shoot, but you'll pick up valuable tips and tricks for putting together a polished, professional look on your own. Be sure to take notes and ask questions during your hair and makeup sessions in order to get the most out of them. 

Get a Good Night's Sleep 

Your preparations won't be nearly as effective if you show up at your photo shoot without first having gotten a proper night's sleep. Looking rested and refreshed is something that's hard to fake with makeup, so get to bed early the night before your photo shoot.