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Are You Getting Ready For A Summer Cruise?

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If you are getting ready to go on a cruise this summer, you are probably already getting very excited about the adventures that are ahead of you. You may even be making plans on what you will wear and what you will do ahead of time to be at your most attractive best. From arranging for airbrush tanning services to planning your cruise wardrobe, here are some ideas that might help you.

Your Most Attractive Best - What does that mean, anyway? Because you more than likely aim to look nice every day already, right? But there's just something special about going on a cruise and knowing that you'll be dressing up for things like elegant dinners or going to nightclubs on the ship. You'll even want to look attractive when you are going to the different ports on your ship's agenda.

Have you considered getting sunless tanning even before you leave for your cruise? If you've had airbrush tanning in the past, you already know how easy it is to get a perfect tan without even going out into the sun. If you're a newcomer to sunless tanning, be prepared for a veronica experience. Those who attend you will have the training and the experience to make sure you have a relaxing time while you tan for just the right amount of time. You'll be given eye protectors and timers will be set so that you can have an overall tan by turning your body at the right intervals.

Pack The Right Clothes - If you've been on a cruise before you already know that you'll have limited space in your stateroom. However, if this is your first cruise, this is a great time for you to know that packing smart will have you prepared for all you'll do while you're on the ship and for when you go into ports. 

For example, consider taking a basic pair of slacks that can have different looks depending on what you wear with the slacks. Wear a silk camisole, elegant high heels and fancy jewelry with the slacks and you'll be ready for night life on the ship. A casual t-shirt, walking shoes, and chunky casual jewelry will turn those slacks into the perfect outfit to wear when you go into different ports. A maxi skirt with an elastic waist can be a cover-up for your swimsuit. Then it can be a great outfit to wear as a strapless dress when you are going to one of the restaurants on board the ship.