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Add Metallic Eyeshadow To Your Cosmetic Collection

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Conservative and poised may be what your body language and appearance portrays while you are dictating notes from your boss or meeting with colleagues, but your down time may speak differently about your persona. Are you someone who craves attention whenever you go clubbing or are spending time at a local shopping mall? Owning the right combination of makeup can help you achieve your desired look. If your eyes are one of your favorite features, play them up more than normal by using metallic diamond colored eyeshadow to contour them.

Less Of The Product Is Needed And Lasting Results Are Provided

Color combinations of eyeshadow often change with the seasons. You may be accustomed to wearing light pastel colors or neutral tones during the spring and summer and dark, smoky grays and browns during the fall and winter. This may be a result of the clothing that you choose to wear or your overall mood, based upon the time of the year.

With a palette of metallic diamond colored eyeshadow, you aren't going to be necessarily focusing on the season at hand, but instead are going to be displaying an array of colors that work well under any circumstances.

Solid colors that lack shimmery effects may look great when they are first applied, but often rub off or show signs of creasing as time moves forward. Additionally, subdued colors may be hard to distinguish, prompting you to apply several layers of an eyeshadow product. With metallic, less of the product is needed to achieve the desired look. 

A Single Unit Or A Palette Will Allow You To Get Started

If you have some favored makeup products that you don't want to part with or are even considering using the same eyeshadows again, purchase a single unit of diamond colored eyeshadow. You may not be sold on idea that this type of cosmetic is going to enhance your eye area or maybe the thought of using a bold color has you a little bit apprehensive, even though you are a lover of attention.

If you are anxious to give yourself a makeover and would like to add a dramatic change to your facial area, a palette of colors will allow you to sample many shades and mix and match them or blend two or more to create a shimmery sweep of color over each eye. Use a standard eyeshadow brush to apply the product and blend the shadow with the opposite end of the tool. You can also use different types of applicators to apply more or less of the product or to spread the eyeshadow out along a specific portion of your eyelids or brow bones.