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4 Tips For Selecting A New Perfume

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If you are tired of the perfume you are wearing, or if you don't have a signature scent and you want one, you will want to know a little about perfume so you can make a smart buying choice.

Tip #1: Know What Scents You Like

Choosing a perfume is a highly personalized experience. Your own smell history and the memories you associated with certain smells are going to play a large role in what types of scents you like and what types you find unappealing.

Before you go shopping for a new perfume, look around your space. What type of scents are in your favorite lotions, sprays, shampoos, and body washes? Those are probably all types of scents that you enjoy.

Maybe you like a more natural small, like wood-based smells. Or perhaps you favor herby smells. Or maybe you really like flowery notes. What you already own and how it smells can help point you in the direction of the right perfume. So, when you go to the perfume counter, you can provide the salespeople with more information about the types of scents you like.

Tip #2: Know How Scents Work in Perfume

When you go shopping for perfume, the salespeople are not going to talk about the scents; rather, they will talk about the notes in perfume. There are three notes in a fragrance. The top note is the smell that you will notice right away; however, that smell is also going to fade the quickest. It is the strongest out of the gate, but it doesn't stay around. The middle note is the smell that will be the strongest for the first few hours that you wear the fragrance. Finally, the bottom note is the one that will stick around all day and is the heaviest scent.

Tip #3: Sample a Scent for an Entire Day

As the scents are made to stick around for different lengths of time, you don't want to sample perfume and buy it immediately. If possible, you want to get a perfume sample and wear it all day to ensure that you like all of the different notes of the fragrance that will become apparent throughout the day.

Tip #4: Be Ready to Pay

Finally, it is essential to realize that you may be purchasing a small container of liquid, but that small container should last you months. It also takes a lot of work to create a perfume, so if you want a great smelling perfume, you need to be willing to pay for it. Perfumes may seem expensive for the tiny packages that they come in, but they are worth it. 

When it comes to shopping for a new perfume, think about the type of scents you already like. When you sample a scent, try it out for the entire day so that you can explore all the notes of the fragrance. When you find the right perfume, be willing to invest in it. Contact a company that sells women's perfume to learn more.