The Right Hairstyle Really Can Increase Your Confidence

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Gift Ideas for People Who Love Perfume

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A high-end perfume featuring woodsy and floral notes is the ideal gift for any friend or family member who loves heady fragrances that stand out. One perfume that fits this description is Baccarat Rouge 540. Perfume makes a thoughtful gift for almost any type of special occasion or event, including birthdays, holidays, graduations, bridal showers, and romantic milestones such as anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. The perfume will fit most gift-giving budgets, as you can tailor the bottle size to your budget. Read More»

4 Tips For Selecting A New Perfume

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If you are tired of the perfume you are wearing, or if you don’t have a signature scent and you want one, you will want to know a little about perfume so you can make a smart buying choice. Tip #1: Know What Scents You Like Choosing a perfume is a highly personalized experience. Your own smell history and the memories you associated with certain smells are going to play a large role in what types of scents you like and what types you find unappealing. Read More»

Salon Equipment: When Buying Used Is Best

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Owning and operating a salon can be quite an investment. If you’re lucky, you start to make profit fairly rapidly, but for many, making money on a salon is going to take some time. Many salons take years to break even before making profit after investing in a building, salon equipment, and paying their overhead costs, including paying their staff. One way you can make owning a salon more profitable to you, or more quickly profitable to you, is this: buying used salon equipment. Read More»

Add Metallic Eyeshadow To Your Cosmetic Collection

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Conservative and poised may be what your body language and appearance portrays while you are dictating notes from your boss or meeting with colleagues, but your down time may speak differently about your persona. Are you someone who craves attention whenever you go clubbing or are spending time at a local shopping mall? Owning the right combination of makeup can help you achieve your desired look. If your eyes are one of your favorite features, play them up more than normal by using metallic diamond colored eyeshadow to contour them. Read More»

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions

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If you recently invested in hair extensions, it is important to take proper care of them. With the proper care, you can get more mileage out of your extensions. Tip #1: Get an Extension Brush Get a special extension brush. This brush is specially designed to be used on hair extensions and will help untangle your hair without damaging it. When you do brush, be sure to avoid brushing the roots of your hair. Read More»