The Right Hairstyle Really Can Increase Your Confidence

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How To Heal Your Body Naturally

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Whether you are very young, approaching middle age or whether you have reached the golden years of your life, you’ve probably realized that life brings illness, aches and pains with it, some minor and some that are pretty debilitating. Thank goodness for modern technology and for amazing advances in the world of science that often bring relief. However, if you are a person who wants to try more natural remedies, you are certainly not alone. Read More»

Tips For Maintaining Your Colour After Correction

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Correcting hair colour is a more in-depth process than simply coloring hair the first time. Your stylist has to put more chemicals on your hair, perhaps even utilizing bleach to lighten the tone. You’ll probably be spending at least a couple hours at the salon – maybe more. Once you and your hair have gone through that process, ensure you extend the life of your colour with proper maintenance. Use Shampoo for Colour-Treated Hair Read More»

2 Ways To Make Your Face Look Wider With A Good Haircut

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People with really small faces have to be careful about the haircuts that they choose to try because some styles can make their faces look even smaller and narrower. If you have a small face, then here are two ways to make your face look wider with a good haircut. The Right Bangs First off, the right bangs can make all of the difference. If you choose to do bangs, make sure that they are not just centered over your eyebrows and the center of your forehead. Read More»