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Tips For Maintaining Your Colour After Correction

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Correcting hair colour is a more in-depth process than simply coloring hair the first time. Your stylist has to put more chemicals on your hair, perhaps even utilizing bleach to lighten the tone. You'll probably be spending at least a couple hours at the salon – maybe more. Once you and your hair have gone through that process, ensure you extend the life of your colour with proper maintenance.

Use Shampoo for Colour-Treated Hair

Your stylist is sure to recommend a shampoo for you to use at home. This may be a shampoo designed to deposit colour, a colour-extending shampoo or sulfate-free shampoo. Take this recommendation. According to an independent study conducted by Good Housekeeping Magazine, shampoos designed for colour-treated hair actually do extend the life of the colour. This is especially important after a color correction service.

Shampoo Less Often

Even if you're using a colour-extending shampoo, the process of cleansing wet hair can strip colour from the strands. Do not shampoo every day. Depending on your daily routine, cut back to every other day, at the very least. If you feel your hair gets too oily to make this feasible, talk to your stylist about dry shampoo. Coming in either powder or spray form, dry shampoos are designed to eliminate excess oil.

Have Hair Gloss Applied

The day of your colour correction service, your stylist will apply all the necessary chemicals to get your hair to the desired hue. Nothing more is necessary at that point. However, after a week or two, when your hair has returned to its natural pH, consider having a hair gloss applied. Hair gloss can either deposit color or shine only. Either way, the gloss seals the hair cuticle, thus sealing in the colour.  

Get Deep Conditioning Treatments

If bleach is used to correct your colour, some damage may result to your hair. Talk to your stylist about which conditioning treatments can restore your hair to health. Your stylist may also suggest in-salon deep conditioning treatments. With these, stylists apply a concoction of professional-grade conditioners to the hair before placing clients under a dryer. This process allows the conditioner to penetrate the hair strands.

Protect the Hair When Styling

Protection sprays should be part of your normal routine anyway – hair doesn't like being heated up. After a colour correction service, using a spray or lotion on the hair before heat styling is essential. Not only does heat damage hair strands, but the increased damage will make your colour look faded over time.

Now that your hair colour is at the shade you envisioned, keep it there. Use the products recommended by your stylist at places like Luce Hair Studios, and minimize damage to your hair with your at-home routines.